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Diedrickson Bros. T-Shirt

Diedrickson Bros. T-Shirt

RelaxShacks (Stoughton, MA)

Hand-drawn, vector, t-shirt illustration with digital coloring and typography. Deek Diedrickson ( and I had always collaborated on posters for his tiny house workshops, but this time he wanted something a bit different. So when he asked me to come up with a t-shirt design to sell at his workshops and online blog, I thought of the one animal that symbolizes him best; the multi-armed, ever transforming octopus. I decided this one should come equipped with the essential tools to build a tiny house. He is a busy man and I thought it apt to commemorate he and his brother's business with this proper illustration. He had the design screen printed by a local east coast printer, which sent me a t-shirt in kind for my work.


Diedrickson Bros. "Tiny House" T-Shirt Design by Kevin Fitzpatrick.

Hand-Drawn Illustration, 1st Round Sketch - 1st Round Sketch