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Sawtooth Valley Gathering

Sawtooth Valley Gathering

Sawtooth Valley Gathering Music Festival (Stanley, ID)

Hand-drawn illustration with digital coloring and typography. Sawtooth Valley Gathering has a history of artistic posters for each year they put on their festival. They approached me to create a hand-drawn poster that would be used for not only their festival, but for their social media press releases.  I came up with the idea to turn a mixing board into the festival grounds.  People come from near and far to travel the Idaho highways in search of this beautiful destination event.  I turned the mixing faders into RV's, cars and busses packed with festival gear.  Continuing with the theme, I used the main stage as a prop for the knobs, cables and speakers that comprise a live musical setting.  Last but not least was the dramatic background of the Sawtooth Mountains in Stanley, ID that are iconic to the festival itself.  


Sawtooth Valley Gathering Festival Poster


Full Pencil Sketch

Sawtooth Valley Gathering Music Festival Poster - Pencil Sketch

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