Since 1981

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Kevin is thankful to have two hands that work really hard for him. They are responsible for receiving brain transmissions and translating them into lines on paper. A creative alliance that has gifted Kevin with a lifetime of illustrative wonder. He still finds this to be a complete wonder and never takes for granted the opportunities allotted to him through his art. You see, Kevin draws... a lot. He can't stop drawing, it's in his blood, it's a part of him as much as breathing is. He eats, sleeps and dreams of drawing. He has amassed a personal library of sketchbooks that no one will probably ever see.

Lighten up! A metaphor, a suggestion and a guiding principle in Kevin's digital medium, Fitz Envions. He utilizes geometric shapes, symmetry and color spectrums to create meditation enducing artwork. In order to be light we must breathe light. For Kevin to lighten up, he designs with light in mind.

Kevin records solo music through his alter egos "The Tall Buildings" and "Captain Catastrophe". He also records and performs music with bandmates.

Due West

Family Roots

Kevin grew up on the south side of Indianapolis, IN with an older sister, a younger brother and a humble view of the world around him. In the summers his parents would pack up the family van in search of fun times and camcorder moments, sparking his soul's passion for new experiences and leaving an indelible impact on his young mind. Kevin's curiosity for the outside world enveloped his cultural experience as he toured the country and abroad in search of musical and artistic influences

Touring through the western United States in bands got Kevin attached to the great vastness of Idaho, enjoying its serene deserts and never ending wilderness. He made the move to small town living where he met the love of his life and got married in the mountains. Kevin's finest work of art these days is fatherhood, which he creates on a daily basis with his wife and kids in the beautiful town of Hailey, Idaho.