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Finn Riggins @ Hot Water Inn

Hot Water Inn (Ketchum, ID)

Hand-drawn concert poster illustration with digital coloring and typography. Lovingly color-separated, half-toned and printed as a multi-color screen print by Due West Press (Hailey, ID).  The year Finn Riggins came to Sun Valley was an especially spicy one with forest fires threatening the way of life for many residents.  To commemorate nature's fury and the sheer force of my personal favorite band, I decided to throw some flames and smoke into the sky amidst the Warm Springs ski hills of Sun Valley where the Hot Water Inn resided.  After following Finn Riggins for the length of their career, it was my honor to present a poster signaling their return to the Wood River Valley where they got their start.  It was an unforgettable night of music during the kind of cold winter Idaho is famous for.  Fire and snow seemed like a perfect metaphor and this print was a joy to create and screen print with my wife.


Finn Riggins (Boise, ID) @ Hot Water Inn (Ketchum, ID) Screen Printed Concert Poster


Finn Riggins (Boise, ID) @ Hot Water Inn (Ketchum, ID) Screen Printed Concert Posters


Digital Version

Finn Riggins (Boise, ID) @ Hot Water Inn (Ketchum, ID) Concert Poster

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