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Galaxe - Give Thanks (Single)

Galaxe (Portland, OR)

Vector-drawn illustration with digital coloring and typography. Album artwork for the song "Give Thanks" feat. Jake Hershman by Hip-Hop project Galaxe Music aka. Nick Werth. My good friend and one-time band mate called me up to collaborate on some ideas for a single he was putting out. He asked to have his iconic, geometric heart symbolism that he uses with his brand to be integrated with the vision of a crying eye. He wanted to display life's beauty via his lyrics with the progressive thoughts he had of life, the universe and everything. I developed the concept of hands holding the symbol of fragility and geometric ideals he was looking for. He had our good friend Jake sing over his Hip-Hop production in what turned out to be an incredible collaboration with amazing results.  A message of gratitude from one humble human to another.


Give Thanks Single by Galaxe Music (Portland, OR).  Album art by KevinFitz.Art

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