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Power House 'To-Go' Label v.1

Power House Restaurant (Hailey, ID)

Vector-drawn, 16oz. beer can label illustration with digital coloring and typography. Power House Restaurant and Bike Repair needed labels for their new "to-go" beer cans.  Whatever was on tap could be taken to go, what a thought!  Since their entire theme is centered around bicycles and bicycle repairs, I wanted to create a label steeped in bicycle gear.  Starting with their lighting bolt logo, which I turned into a hub gear centered in an x-ray of a skull, I then attached a chain to a bike wheel.  Surrounding the wheel are all of the different types of glasses once can get at the restaurant, depending on the type of beer one would order, the bartender could then circle which glass was appropriate for each beer.  To finalize the design, I added a few bike wrenches where the beer info could go and a mountain landscape to boot.  What resulted was a first-of-its-kind label that represents the Power House's bike-centricity wherever their clientele takes their cans.


Powerhouse 'To-Go' Beer Sticker Label v1

  Powerhouse 'To-Go'Beer Sticker Label v1

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