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Kevin Fitzpatrick - MUS308 - Final Project

Pt. 1 - Studio Production

TACO is a 4-piece student rock band from Boise Rock School. The students were commissioned by the Idaho Dance Theatre in Boise, ID to write and perform a series of live songs to be synced to choreography and dancing. 

In preparation for TACO's performance at Boise State University's Special Events Center a professional recording session captured the 3-song setlist in the Morrison Center Green Room (BSU C117) on February 25, 2024.  Being the band’s first time recording in-studio, they learned audio production techniques and how to prepare their music for studio recording. 

Boise Rock School + Boise State University

'Hats Off' (Trilogy) - 2.25.24

'TACO' in the Green Room

Morrison Center (C117)

Recording Process

The band was recorded live (in-room, semi-isolated) through an eight-channel pre-amp directly into Studio One for digital tracking. A natural bleeding of instruments occurred in each of the room microphones developing the sound of the recording.

For drums we used a dynamic kick and snare mic with two condenser overhead mics in stereo. Each guitar and keyboard amp used dynamic mics. Overdubs were recorded with direct inputs, condenser and dynamic mics.


Featuring arpeggiated rhythms on electric guitars, accompanied by a bright background of electric snyth bells. Sound clips, static and effects are added to give the feeling of vastness.

Lunar Disease

Featuring a wash of magnetic energy from the electric guitars, accompanied by an expansive duo of grand piano and dense viola sounds. Delays are added to give the feeling of unsettling nature.

Route 1/2 .5

Featuring a scorching electric guitar lead meshed with driving rhythm guitars and deep octaves of electric piano. Static effects reveal a lost transmissions from outer space.

Listen to 'Hats Off' Trilogy

Studio Credits


TACO (Boise Rock School)
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Alex Wargo


Kevin Fitzpatrick
Dr. Derek Ganong


Kevin Fitzpatrick


Isaac Rogers  (Guitar)
Grant Marsh  (Keys)
Thomas Finlay  (Guitar)
Kevin Fitzpatrick (Drums)

Pt. 2 - Live A/V Production

The collaboration between Boise Rock School and Idaho Dance Theatre culminated in four live performances by TACO and the IDT dancers at Boise State University's Special Events Center from March 14-17, 2024.

Boise Rock School + Idaho Dance Theatre

'Hats Off' (Trilogy) - 3.16.24

Live @ the Special Events Center

Boise State University

Recording Process

The entire band was recorded live (on-stage, non-isolated) through a Yamaha DM3 digital console directly into Studio One. The drums consisted of a dynamic kick mic, a dynamic snare mic and two condenser overhead mics in stereo. Each guitar amp consisted of a dynamic microphone. The keyboard amp ran through a direct-input box. There was minimal bleeding of instruments into each of the room microphones due to distance of players and size of stage.


  • Produce, record, mix and master 3 separate studio songs
  • Mix the three separate songs into a blended trilogy in Studio One
  • Create a Bandcamp website to release finalized audio tracks
  • Create promotional band photos and biography information


  • Rehearse for the live performance at Boise Rock School and Special Events Center
  • Perform four nights in a row, synced to choreography, in front of an audience at Boise State University
  • Capture live performance via audio and visual equipment

Post Show

  • Edit captured video footage to match live audio recordings
  • Release the live performance via YouTube
  • Release Bandcamp website with recorded audio and live audio tracks
  • Wrap up project with proof of process

Listen to 'Hats Off' Trilogy (Live)

Show Credits


Stage Production

Yurek Hansen

Video Production

Yurek Hansen
Kevin Fitzpatrick



Kevin Fitzpatrick


Kevin Fitzpatrick
Dr. Derek Ganong
Trey Bledsoe


Nathan Powell

Performed by

Idaho Dance Theatre


Isaac Rogers  (Guitar)
Grant Marsh  (Keys)
Thomas Finlay  (Guitar)
Kevin Fitzpatrick (Drums)

© Copyright 2024 TACO (Boise, ID) and Kevin Fitzpatrick