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'Great Horned Owl' Mural

Sept. 19th, 2019

Sponsored by the Hailey Arts & Historic Preservation Commission. A painted depiction of the Great Horned Owl perched atop a branch in the Draper Preserve at sunset, featuring the Big Wood River, Bow Bridge, Della Mountain and Carbonate Mountain.  Assisted by: Ron Bentz and Gwen Mesce.

Owl Mural - City of Hailey - Arts & Historic Preservation Commission


Hailey, ID "Owl Mural" just before finishing touches.


Hailey, ID "Owl Mural" Painted by Kevin Fitzpatrick


Hailey, ID "Owl Mural" Assisted by my wife Gwen and daughter Esther.


Hailey, ID "Owl Mural" Assisted by Ron Bentz


Hailey, ID "Owl Mural" in progress.


Hailey, ID "Owl Mural" in the sketchy beginning process.


Hailey, ID "Owl Mural" Sponsored by the Arts & Historic Preservation Commission