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Great Horned Owl

Arts & Historical Preservation Commission (Hailey, ID)

Hand-drawn illustration with digital color, painted as a large-scale mural.  This drawing was my submission to the City of Hailey's call to mural artists.  A celebration of my favorite aspects of Hailey, ID.  At night you can hear the Great Horned Owls hooting by the Bow Bridge crossing the Big Wood River.  The majestic Della and Carbonate mountains at sunset act as the backdrop behind this wonderful scenery.  After being selected, I painted the mural in one week, with the help of volunteers.  View the Mural Process


Great Horned Owl, City of Hailey Commission

Full-Color Mural Painting in Hailey, ID

Great Horned Owl Mural (Hailey, ID)

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