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Marshall Poole - Pasadena

Marshall Poole, Rock Band (Boise, ID).

Album artwork with digital illustrations and typographic layouts. I was introduced to Marshall Poole while on tour drumming with my good friend St. Terrible as an opening act. We became good friends and associates, so when they approached me about artwork for their next album, I took them up on it. Although it was even easier than that. They wanted to purchase a piece of artwork that I had developed as a side project for my own use. The artwork was about a person's ascension through their consciousness, each layer being more complex than the next. I went to work developing this artwork into an entire album experience and crafted all the graphic design and packaging.


Marshall Poole - Pasadena LP Album Art

Outside Full Spread (Back & Cover)

Marshall Poole - Pasadena LP Album Artwork (Outside Full Spread)


Inside Full Spread

Marshall Poole - Pasadena LP Album Artwork (Inside Full Spread)


Marshall Poole 'Pasadena' Album Artwork

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